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                1) Multi-part designer continuous computer paper
                2) 1-6 plies available
                3) Color: White, Yellow, and Pink. Blue
                4) Good quality
                5) Competitive price
                6) Fast delivery


                Many sizes are available
                241mm (9.5") ×11”-1ply
                241mm (9.5") ×11”-2plys
                241mm (9.5") ×11”-3plys
                241mm (9.5") ×11”-4plys
                241mm (9.5") ×11”-5plys
                241mm (9.5") ×11”-6plys

                381mm (15”) ×11”-1ply
                381mm (15”) ×11”-2plys
                381mm (15”) ×11”-3plys
                381mm (15”) ×11”-4plys

                120mm ×11”-1ply
                120mm ×11”-2plys
                120mm ×11”-3plys
                OEM sizes are welcome

                Base paper

                Carbonless paper inmulti-ply; Offset printing paper in single/multi- ply

                Base weight

                60gsm for offset printing paper; 47~50gsm for carbonless paper


                Offset printing paper in white only; Carbonless paper in different colors: White, green, pink, canary, blue

                • OEM color


                1000sheet/box; or 1200 sheet/box

                • 1000 sheets-carton


                * Academic reports
                * Salary advice
                * Pay slip
                * Login password
                * Personal Identification Number (PIN)
                * Hotel, bank, supermarket, office

                1*20’ container

                If the material is thermal, then the ribbon is not necessary; if it is bond paper or coated paper, then ribbon is needed.

                • 1800 cartons can be put in 1*20’ container


                Ribbon is needed

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