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                Main advantages

                1. Easy to operate, improve efficiency;
                2. High tightness, evenly cut, decently packed
                3. Instantly and clearly show copy image
                4. High quality base paper, smooth and fluent surface, evenly cut
                5. Very safe, Long-term durability
                6. Various sizes avail be
                7. Color: white.pink.yellow.blue and green
                5 Advertising logo can be printed on the back side
                6 Competitive qualities with great price

                Main sizes

                Normal width(mm): 37 ,44 ,57,75,80,110
                Normal Diameter(mm): 40,50,60,75,80,100,120,150,200


                • 57mm*57mm*12mm-3plys


                Cardboard /paper core, plastic core
                Core size is usually 12/13mm-1/2”

                Plain NCR and pre-printed paper are available


                • 無碳紙s











                NO MOQ

                Application field

                ? Retail chains/store
                ? Malls
                ? Hotels
                ? Multiplexes
                ? Petrol pumps
                ? Hospitals
                ? Banks
                ? Hospitals/pathology center
                ? Lottery centers.


                Samples are free, but freight is collected. But freight will return to customers if place order.


                Ribbon is needed.

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