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                Established in 2005, Shenzhen Baiyuan Paper Co.,ltd is located in the beautiful and special economic zone-Shenzhen. This coastal city enjoys the convenient traffic and the high degree of opening to the outside world. It becomes the new legend of China's economy.

                Shenzhen Baiyuan Paper Co., Ltd.
                Contact person:Miss He
                Mobile phone:13546944293

                • plain thermal paper roll
                • OEM Pre-Printed Paper Roll
                • Thermal Fax Paper Roll
                • ATM Paper Roll
                • NCR Paper Roll
                • Bond Paper Roll
                • Adhesive Paper Roll
                • Continuous Printing Paper
                • Pos Paper Sheet
                • Confidential Envelop

                Contact person:Miss He Mobile phone:13546944293   粵ICP備13078581號
                All Rights Reserved:Shenzhen Baiyuan Paper Co., Ltd. Address:3rd?Floor,?Dongmen?Road,?Pinghu?District,?Shenzhen,?Guangdong,?China